Taiga is reminiscent of the bright colours of woodlands and uncontaminated natural surroundings. Delicate and dynamic poise, echoes of distant and exotic lands to define a new contemporary interpretation of living space with ceramic hardwood flooring.

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The colours are inspired by the alternating natural shades associated with the passage of the seasons to create absolute harmony with the surrounding natural environment; the sizes of the tiles allow mixing and matching of different geometric solutions while the available finishes make these tiles suitable for all flooring and cladding applications.

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Specification referenceE.N. 14411 . Appendix G. Group BⅠa. UGLTest methodReference valueDeclared value
Static coefficient of frictionASTM-C1028>0,60 dry and wet> 0,6 dry and wet 
Dynamic coefficient of friction (section 9.6 ANSI A 137.1 2012)DCOF>0,42 wet> 0,42 wet 
Barefoot slip resistanceDIN-51097-Cl. C
Slip resistance with shoesDIN-51130:2010-R9
Slip resistance with shoes-R11
Frost resistanceISO-10545-12Richiesta / Required / Requise / Gefordert / RequeridaRESISTE / RESISTANT / RÉSISTE / ERFÜLLT / RESISTE 
Resistance to domestic chemicals and additives for swimming poolsISO-10545-13UB minimo / UB minimum / UB minimum / UB mindestens / UB minimoUA 
Resistance to low concentrations of acids and alkaliCome dichiarato dal produttore / See manufacturer’s declaration / Selon déclaration du producteur / Entsprechend der Herstellerangaben / Tal como declara el fabricanteULA 
Resistance to stainingISO-10545-14-4 
Admitted deviation, in %, of the average thickness of each tile from the production dimensionsISO-10545-2±5% (±0,5 mm)± 5% 
Maximum straightness deviation, in %, in relation to the corresponding production dimensions±0,5% (±1,5 mm)±0,5%; ± 0,10% (squadrato / squared / equarri / rektifiziert / esquadrado) 
Surface qualityIl 95% min delle piastrelle deve essere esente da difetti visibili / At least 95% of the tiles must be free from visible flaws / 95% min des carreaux ne doivent présenter aucun défaut visible / Mindestens 95% der Fliesen müssen frei von sichtbaren / mín. el 95% de las baldosas tiene que estar exento de defectos visiblesCONFORME / CONFORMING / CONFORME / ENTSPRICHT / CONFORMEv 
Length and width: admitted deviation, in %, of the average size of each tile from the production dimensions±0,6% (±2 mm)±0,6%; ± 0,15% (squadrato / squared / equarri / rektifiziert / esquadrado) 
Flatness (centre curvature / edge curvature / warpage)±0,5% (±2mm)± 0,35% 
Maximum right-angle deviation, in %, in relation to the corresponding production dimensions±0,5% (±2 mm)±0,5%; ± 0,20% (squadrato / squared / equarri / rektifiziert / esquadrado) 
Amount of water absorbed, in percentageISO-10545-3E<0,5%average value 0,08% 
Breaking strength in N (thickness >= 7,5 mm)ISO-10545-4≥1300 Newtonaverage value 3200
Bending strength in N/mm2>35 N/mm2average value 50
Resistance to deep abrasion of unglazed tilesISO-10545-6<175 mm3average value 140 
Thermal shock resistanceISO-10545-9-RESISTE / RESISTANT / RÉSISTE / ERFÜLLT / RESISTE
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