Rex, a sophisticated and elegant high end brand

In a relationship with nature of symbiosis

and emulation, the world of Rex finds

its expression in aesthetics developed

to flaunt, enjoy and experience

luxury with glamour and sensuality.


Metamorphosis with Rex


Living set design with aesthetics of eternal beauty,

coordinating floor and wall coverings inspired by

the most precious natural materials.


The transformation has a magical quality: walking

through forests, quarries and meadows… timber,

marble, stone, and ivory are recreated on ceramic

surfaces in an authentic and sensual manner.


Modern suggestions and collections inspired by nature


Rex offers sophisticated and elegant

decoration, proposing a contemporary

reinterpretation of natural products reflecting

time-honoured tradition.


All-round multipurpose decoration


Choosing Rex means choosing

elegance, luxury, glamour and sensuality.

Some like extreme styling while others

prefer a hint of ecstasy.


The latest design trends interpreted in ceramics

are ideal for all surroundings, residential or

collective, in hotels, restaurants, stores and

wellness centres.


The heritage underpinning the authentic Rex style


Let’s look at a company founded in the1960s

set up as a manufacturer of coordinated

floor and wall coverings branded

Rex Ceramiche Artistiche.

In the Nineteen-eighties, with the advent of

single-fired tiles the company became the

leader in the home flooring segment because

it was one of the first ceramic factories to

produce glazed porcelain tiles, studying the

aesthetics and creating a product for the

residential sector.


Traditionally, Rex has been highly placed,

developing high-end, sophisticated and

elegant ceramic materials, designed to evoke

long-ago eras and places to meet personal

hedonistic tastes. The result was an elevation

of the Rex style, jealously guarding the

technological and aesthetic legacy of fifty

years of operations to create surfaces that

reflect the latest trends, focusing attention

and capturing the observer’s gaze.